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The Key to Your Protection

By Michelle Dryburgh

When he's not rescuing children from locked cars, he’s letting elderly people into their homes, and freeing others from locked buildings.

He’s not a firefighter, or a superhero, but an industry professional in one of the oldest trades in history.

Troy Cummings is a locksmith, backed up by a team of fellow master locksmith’s and apprentices in responding to calls for help. The calls come from all over Cairns, at all times of the day and night.

It’s demanding, adrenaline-pumping work, often involving tears. And it’s all in a day’s work for Troy.

“It sends your heart racing, that’s for sure,” says Troy, Having to pick his way through all the doors for the police to follow hoping there is no one on the other side of the door with a gun

“You can plan your day out but it can change in a matter of seconds, and it usually does.

” Troy has come to the rescue in lesser emergencies too, freeing people from locked bathrooms, bedrooms and those red-faced customers who’ve locked themselves out of their home or vehicle. “We’ve all been there, ”Troy laughs.

“Even I’ve done it, I just know how to get back in.”

Modern security solutions are also part of the offerings at Troy Cummings Locksmith.

From surveillance systems to alarms and intercoms, the team can customise a package to suit the security needs of any home or business.

They’re also called upon after security incidents, providing traditional locksmithing needs like replacing locks after a break in and opening locked safes.

“That can be gruelling work,” Troy says.

“I’ve spent four hours opening a safe. When you finally hear that handle click, well, it’s the best feeling there is.”

Troy never intended to enter a career in locksmithing. His grandfather encouraged him to become a fitter and turner, and locksmithing was a component of those studies.

“I loved it from day one.”

Established as a sole operator business in 2002, Troy Cummings Locksmith now employs up to seven staff and offers a comprehensive range of services from cutting a single key to fingerprint identity security for government and high-rise buildings.

Greatest inspiration: Definitely My Grandfather and Grandmother they set the bar really high and have a long time to try and reach their standard.

Biggest achievement: I can never really go pass fitting all the Electronic locks to Convention centre, We just fitted out a 2 Million Dollar house with Surveillance camera’s Fingerprint access Alarms Automatic gates that they can control anywhere around the world from the press of a button

Greatest challenge: Has been keeping this business alive and people employed through all these tough times in Cairns

Vision for the future: Is to be able to create domestic houses with the start of the art electronic security to protect everyone’s personal belongings

Secret to success: Working harder and smarter and always reviewing and trying to improve all your procedures in place.

Troy Cummings

Troy Cummings

The Boss

Troy is a born and raised Cairns local. He completed his apprenticeship in 1993, achieving 100% overall competency on his final Locksmiths Trade and Master Keying test.

Recognising the industry was evolving to include electronic security in addition to traditional locksmithing services, Troy undertook further training. He obtained his Cablers Licence equipping him with the skills to install all forms of Electronic Access Controls, Alarms and Surveillance systems.

As a professional locksmith, Troy prides himself on his ability to provide his customers with up to the minute, specialist products and services. Troy and his staff undertake on-going training in order to provide the newest and most innovative security solutions.